“Calm Within the Chaos” Master Classes

21st – 28th June 2019

Irish Institute of Yoga, Vitality Centre, 2 Grafton Street

Frances Flannery, Your Gut Friend is delighted to welcome you to Vitality Centre Grafton Street, home of The Irish Institute of Yoga

Celebrating The Launch of Vitality Centre and The Irish Yoga Institute

on Grafton Street

Grafton Street comes alive this Summer with the launch of The Irish Institute of Yoga at Vitality Centre with seven days of tranquility workshops hosted by Your Gut Friend, Frances Flannery. “Calm Within The Chaos” aims to teach urbanites and busy professionals to make friends with the backdrop sounds of the city rather than attempting to block them out.

As well as Yoga and Yoga Teacher Training,The Irish Institute of Yoga at Vitality Centre on Grafton Street offers natural gut health and detox treatments such as colonic hydrotherapy, probiotic enema implants, liver coffee enemas, food intolerance testing and a full range of holistic skincare. Vitality Centre on Grafton Street is also the location of The International Institute of Colonic Hydrotherapy, the only I-ACT accredited training school in Europe.

About The Irish Yoga Institute

It’s a paradox of cities that they bring together huge numbers of people but also that they separate them from each other. Vitality Centre Grafton Street aims to create a community of like minded souls , a home of wellbeing.

What’s in a name? Frances Flannery is a Flaneur by name and by action. Through her devotion to wellbeing and holistic health, she aims unite others whilst also facilitating their wellness experience.


Come visit our edible garden where thyme, chives, fresh mint and chamomile grow in harmony with nature in one Dublins most iconic balconies overlooking Grafton Street, Nassau Street and Trinity College. Just as this garden has learned to adapt and flourish within the hussle and bustle of everyday life, so too shall you learn to thrive and flourish within your own challenges no matter what they may be.


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    Vinyasa Flow



    Dosha Assessments

    North Node Code – Using astrology in real life

    Life Rescue Programme – Coping with Change Through Wellness

    Gut Health – The Gut Garden Concept


    Training Courses

    Yoga teachers who invest in continued professional development are welcome to book any of the following courses with us. If you are a non teacher, you may consider Functional Gut Health Level 1. Read More…

In 2008, Frances Flannery, Your Gut Friend established Vitality Centre, a tiny holistic centre located in a small clinic in a residential area on the outshirts of Dublin. This was to become the start of The Irish Yoga Institute which launches its flagship location as part of Vitality Centre on Grafton Street this summer. The mission of Vitality Centre Grafton Street and The Irish Yoga Institute is to provide both holistic treatments and holistic training to the highest standards in Europe. Along with “Calm Within The Chaos” yoga classes, the centre offers traditional yoga classes, yoga teaching, colonic hydrotherapy, gut health cleanses, probiotic enema implants, liver coffee enema detoxes, food intolerances testing and a wide range of holistic skincare using natural and pure products

“When you allow the quiet voice of your own truth to speak to you and you are awake enough to hear it, your life will become magical.”

Frances Flannery, Your Gut Friend


The Irish Yoga Institute is located at No. 2 Grafton Street, Dublin 2 and offers the highest standards in yoga teacher training. As well as offering fully certified Yoga Alliance instructor training accreditation, you will be introduced to nutrition, gut health and overall wellbeing concepts on this unique 7 week part time training course.  As a pioneer of gut health and yoga, Frances Flannery , Your Gut Friend, has designed a unique yoga training course experience that aims to create yoga teachers who can help their clients achieve optimal mind, body wellness . Frances has helped thousands of people improve their wellbeing naturally. She is an I-ACT certified instructor of colonic hydrotherapy and founder of Vitality Centre clinics as well as The Irish Yoga Institute.

Find Quiet Within The Storm

The Irish Institute of Yoga is located right in the heart of Dublin city. Yoga classes are carried out to the sounds of everyday city life. Three storys above bustling Grafton Street, the vibrations of the world below become a transparent veil where the goal becomes a personal one for every student who practices with us. But one thing that every student must learn is to harness the discipline, focus and detachment to achieve serenity and personal peace as life goes on all around you. When you can do this, you can bring the benefits of Yoga into your life in a real and practical way.

“It’s about adjusting the mindset so that you no longer need to escape from life physically to experience the stress relieving  benefits that yoga can bring. It takes practice but the results are highly valuable especially to those whose lifestyle or career means being constantly exposed to outside stimuli like phones, city noise and life in general” says Frances Flannery who is the founder of Vitality Centre and  The Irish Institute of Yoga and author of “Lets Talk About Happiness”.