Training Courses

Yoga teachers who invest in continued professional development are welcome to book any of the following courses with us. If you are a non teacher, you may consider Functional Gut Health Level 1

Gut Health For Yoga Teachers

This course is for yoga teachers who wish to feel confident about offering advice on gut health including enemas and Ayurvedic practices for purity. Does not include enema training but does equip yoga teachers with the correct information to ensure best practice and safety.  Includes training on probiotics, prebiotics, contraindications for gut cleansing, gut health conditions and asanas for gut health. This course will equip you to offer advice on gut health principles and includes training for those who wish to advance their knowledge of yoga for digestive wellness, a growing area of health.

Functional Gut Health Level 1

This course is for everybody with an interest in gut health. Get certified in functional gut health .This two day course is for nutritionists and ordinary people who wish to advance their understanding of how to boost wellbeing through functional gut health practices. Gain a certificate in functional gut health which includes probiotics, prebiotics, cultures, microbiota, the gut brain connection, probiotic enema implants, liver cleansing, fermented foods and learn why gut health is an underpinning part of any nutritional or wellbeing plan. Who can do this course: Nutritionists, personal trainers, ordinary people with an interest in wellbeing.

Colonic Hydrotherapy- I-ACT Level 1

This course is a post graduate training programme. Therefore you must have a qualification in Anatomy and Physiology in advance to do it. It is open to yoga teachers who have A&P, nurses and wellness practitioners. Gut health starts with clearsing away imbalanced gut flora, built up toxins and deep impaction in the bowel. Colonic hydrotherapy is a wonderful addition to any yoga studio or detox clinic because it enables you to offer the highest standards of ayurvedic purity treatments like enemas, colonics as well as gut health treatments like probiotic enemas. Read More…